The Dude Diet: Get On Board

dude-diet-hibachi-chicken-with-unfried-riceDue to popular demand, I am very pleased to announce that The Dude Diet will now be a weekly fixture on Domesticate ME! For those of you who are new to this blog, The Dude Diet was inspired by my nutritionally challenged boyfriend, Logan. For more details click here.the-dude-dietThis is Logan.Many people have asked me about whether the Dude Diet is right for them (or their boyfriend/bestie/dad/etc.). The answer is always YES. The Dude Diet is effective because it’s all about moderation and being less of an idiot (which is clearly very difficult for men). In short, the Dude Diet is an awesome lifestyle that will make you feel better and look hotter. Period. Still not sure how the Dude Diet fits into your life? Luckily, I anticipated this. I have compiled...

The Dude Diet: Addendum

Because of the overwhelming response to last week’s post, I have decided that it is only fair to update you on Logan’s progress. I also received several inquiries regarding the details of the dude diet, so I have briefly outlined its components below. The best part about the dude diet is that nothing is completely off-limits. It’s all about moderation and being less of an idiot…the-dude-dietThe dude.The Dude Diet: Pretty much the most obvious diet in the world.1. Limit bread, rice, pasta, and potato intake. Good general rule: If it’s white, think twice. The amount of white flour and processed food that I have watched dudes consume in a single day makes me want to die. Oh, and “wraps” are not any better for you than bread, capiche? Try some whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, etc.), they taste good. Fact.2....

The Dude Diet.

"I believe in miracles. Where you from, you sexy thing?" -Hot Chocolate   My boyfriend is on a diet.I have chosen to share this with all of you because it is a miracle, and because if I can get Logan to like eating healthily, I am pretty much a culinary genius. And you can be too. Allow me to explain…Logan eats as if he is still a college athlete (which in his mind, I’m pretty sure he still is). And because he is now a very busy and important man, he no longer has the time to exercise.* This poses a slight problem physically, especially when one’s diet consists largely of burgers, pizza, and cheese steaks. Like most guys, he’s packed on a few lbs since college, but he’s never seemed overly concerned about it. Nothing a good button-down can’t hide, right?Read More >>