Dark Chocolate Bark with Apricots and Candied Pepitas

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vegan-dark-chocolate-bark-with-apricots-candied-pepitas-2In my youth, I looked forward to Halloween with the type of extreme excitement most people reserve for Christmas, puppies, or the birth of their first child. Costumes were planned months in advance (as I’ve mentioned before, I was once Sweetheart Barbie in the box), trick-or-treating routes were painstakingly mapped, and I even practiced Jack-O-Lantern carving skills on oranges. In August. My parents were very proud.

I remained a Halloween enthusiast through college, which wasn’t surprising given my well-documented affinity for the 3 C’s: cocktails, costumes, and candy. In fact, doing keg stands as a slutty Ninja Turtle and then eating my weight in candy corn was an eagerly anticipated annual event.

Given my lifelong love affair with the holiday, I was somewhat confused when I found myself straight-up dreading Halloween this year. At first I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why I felt this way, but watching a semi-nude co-ed stumble past my apartment building last Thursday evening helped me figure it out…

vegan-dark-chocolate-bark-with-apricots-candied-pepitas-10The late twenties are Halloween purgatory. Like I said last year, I’m too old to put on a slutty nurse outfit and drag my feeble liver to the club until 4am, yet I’m too childless to hit the trick-or-treating circuit. Sad, but true.

So what’s a girl like me to do on this awkward All Hallow’s Eve? I suppose there are several possible answers to that question, but the only one I’m interested in involves Hocus Pocus, red wine, and an obscene amount of “Healthy Halloween Bark.”

vegan-dark-chocolate-bark-with-apricots-candied-pepitas-5Relax, my homemade-candy fearing friends, the fancy chocolate bark on your screen is a breeze to make, and it doesn’t require any scary equipment. All you have to do is roast some pumpkin seeds with maple syrup and spices, melt a few bars of chocolate, and spread everything on a baking sheet. Pop it in the fridge for 30-minutes, break the bark into pieces, and you’ve got yourself a sweet and spicy pile of chocolate heaven. Domestic witchcraft!

vegan-dark-chocolate-bark-with-apricots-candied-pepitas-7Even better, this delightful vegan and gluten-free Halloween treat is actually good for you! Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and chemical compounds that have been shown to improve both mood and cognitive health, and pepitas provide plenty of immune-boosting vitamins and heart healthy omega-3s that promote clear skin and shiny hair. In short, Healthy Halloween Bark will make you happier, smarter and prettier. I can’t say the same for candy corn…

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