Domesticate ME!’s Father’s Day Gift Guide For Super Cool Dads

June 7, 2016 | |

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Domesticate ME! Father's Day Gift GuideNot gonna lie, I usually forget about Mother’s/Father’s Day until days before the holiday. And this no good, very bad habit inevitably leads to guilt, panicked online shopping, and scary expedited shipping fees. Not this year! This year, I’m getting my act together, friends. Or at least trying to. I have yet to figure out what to get my dad, but I take pride in the fact that I’m at least thinking about it almost two full weeks in advance. (Adulting!)

Giving myself an extended Father’s Day brainstorming period is crucial, since my dad is impossible to shop for. A dude with obscure (and rather expensive) taste, he’s not really into cooking, grilling, or mixology accoutrements, which are my gifting mainstays. However, just because my dad falls outside my gifting wheelhouse doesn’t mean that yours does. And since I have lots of boss ideas for food and drink loving men, I thought I’d procrastinate my own Father’s Day shopping needs by (potentially) tending to yours.

So, without further ado, I give you Domesticate ME!’s Father’s Day Gift Guide. May it help you find the perfect present for your awesome dad/husband/baby daddy…

13 Gift Ideas for Dads that love to Cook, Grill and Drink: 

father's-day-gift-guide1. Wine Enthusiast Label SaverFor wine lovers and sentimentalists. These handy little label savers remove the labels from your wine or beer bottles (by splitting then separating the front-printed surface from the adhesive back), leaving you with a fancy laminated memento. I was going to say something about how your dad could then scrapbook significant labels, but then I remembered that dads don’t scrapbook, so…he can keep them in a box in his man cave?

2. Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler. If you want to go all out this year, I highly recommend gifting a Yeti cooler. In case you’re not familiar with Yeti, it’s the Ferrari of the cooler world, and if your dad likes to tailgate, camp, fish, grill, or party, he will be all kinds of psyched to own one of these things. Seriously. (p.s. The price point of this cooler is ABSURD. Just wanted to acknowledge that fun fact, lest you think I’ve gone Gwyneth on you.)

3. Murphy Knives Shellfish Roll-Up SetFor the oyster loving men of the world. If you don’t want to shell out for the set, they also sell individual knives, and many of the styles are offered for different shell forms. You can also pick from a variety of handle shapes to suit your personal preferences.

4. The Power Dry Rub Basket. A good dry rub is the easiest way to upgrade a piece of meat, and this set gives a man six beloved and drool-worthy options.

5. Star Spangled SpatulaFor grill masters and patriots. AMERICA!

best-fathers-day-gifts-for-dad6. Steak Branding IronMen like steak and putting their initials on things. Fact.

7. Sparq Whiskey Spheres. Spherical ice cubes are awesome, but they’re kind of a bitch to make. (I know from experience.) These soapstone spheres are a much more convenient way to chill your booze, and they won’t dilute it. I imagine most dads can drink to that.

8. The Salt Lick Cookbook: A Story of Land, Family, and LoveThis hybrid biography/cookbook, which includes the history of one of the most celebrated BBQ restaurants in Texas (and lots of very sexy pictures of meat), is a truly excellent choice for barbecue enthusiasts.

9. Himalayan Salt PlateHeat this plate on the grill to sear seafood, meat, and vegetables, OR chill it and use it as a serving board for cheeses, charcuterie, etc. For the fun, trendy dad that likes to impress…

fathers-day-gift-guide-for-cooks-and-grill-masters10. Yeti Rambler Colster Beer Insulator. Meet the mother of all koozies, people. This bad boy keeps your cans and bottles ICE COLD thanks to double-wall vacuum insulation (and lots of other fancy technology that I don’t really understand). It’s a gamechanger.

11. The Sotheby’s Wine EncyclopediaThis one’s for the serious winos. I actually gifted it to my Dad a few years ago, and he was very into it. (That’s saying a lot because, as I said, the man is a very tricky giftee.)

12. Murray’s Cheese Meat of the Month ClubWhat dad wouldn’t want an assortment of NYC’s finest meats delivered to his doorstep every month?

13. Personalized Four-Piece BBQ Grill Apron SetComplete with beer holster, this manly apron is the perfect present for barbecue-loving men, especially those that are partial to grilling shirtless. I gave one to Logan years ago (it reads: Grill Master LSU—Suck It), and it’s really upped his summer grill style, while simultaneously shielding his chest hair from the open flame. Win-win.

p.s. Sadly, the top photo is not me and my dad. I shamelessly Googled “hot dad with baby,” and this is what came up. Sorry. (Image via.)

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  1. jane on June 7, 2016 at 2:06 pm

    have you seen the Canadian Prime Minister doing the same baby trick?? and loooovvveee the branding tool!

    • Serena Wolf on June 8, 2016 at 10:41 am

      Stop the madness! I hadn’t seen that, and it’s almost too cute for words. (Note to self: teach future baby daddy to do this trick.)

  2. mimi rippee on June 7, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    I was so hoping this was your dad… but I love your gift ideas!

    • Serena Wolf on June 8, 2016 at 10:42 am

      HAHAH, thank you Mimi! (Perhaps I shouldn’t have said anything and just let people assume my dad was this studly…)

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