2015 Holiday Gift Guide For Domestic Gods and Goddesses (and a Giveaway!)

Domesticate-Me-Gift-Guide-For-Domestic-Gods-and-Godesses-2015It’s present season, people. Let’s get serious.

Obviously the holidays aren’t just about presents, but they’re one of the best side perks, and I take my gift giving (and receiving) very seriously. Few things make me happier wrapping up the perfect present (I worked in a boutique when I was 16 and picked up some pretty boss gift-wrapping skills), and then watching someone unwrap it. Especially if they have a Logan-esque tendency to completely lose their shit and shower me with expletive-laced compliments. I’m all goosebump-y just thinking about it!

Anyhoo, I know many of you may have done some serious damage on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, but if you’ve still got a chef/food lover/domestic god(dess) to cross off your list, I’ve rounded up some of my very favorite gifting items below. And if you’d rather receive these things, simply forward this post along to those shopping for you. (Subject: SANTAAAAAA!!!! I know him!!)

So, without further ado…

16 Epic Holiday Gifts for Domestic Gods and Goddesses:

Gift-Guide-for-foodies-and-cooks1. Sriracha Lovers BundleI’m a shameless Sriracha addict, and while I’ll always have a soft spot for the traditional Huy Fong “rooster sauce,” the fancypants Sriracha-themed items in this bundle get me all sorts of hot and bothered. If you have a Sriracha lover in your life, this one’s a no-brainer. (Margs with Sriracha salt rims! Toast with Sriracha jam, goat cheese and honey! Green Sriracha enchiladas! I could go on…)

2. Hatchery SubscriptionI rarely dig subscription boxes because I’m picky AF, and I usually end up only liking one or two things in the box each month. Not so with Hatchery! They curate the very best independent makers throughout the country and send you a fabulous assortment of small-batch ingredients and condiments for your tasting pleasure. If you like a product (I tend to like everything, which is stressful), you can order a larger size from their website. It’s the perfect present for the culinary adventurer, and because I love it so much, I’m GIVING AWAY a free 3-month subscription to one of you. (More details at the bottom of this post.)

3. The InspiralizerThe vegetable “noodle” trend seems to be here to stay, so if you or someone you love is looking to hop on the spiralizing bandwagon, I highly recommend this tool. It was created by Ali Mafucci, the genius behind the blog Inspiralized (which is completely dedicated to spiralized recipes), and it has none of the flaws of other spiralizers on the market (i.e. it’s compact, easy to clean, safe to use, and requires zero assembly).

4. Mixed Vintage French Shallow BowlsPretty dishes make everything more festive, and these mix-and-match bowls are an excellent way to dress up your meals. (I can’t be the only one that eats 99% of meals from a bowl…)

5. The Food LabI’ve been following Kenji’s Serious Eats column of the same name for years, and his scientific approach to cooking is not only uniquely informative, but fascinating as well (at least to food weirdos like me). This book is a new age cooking bible.

Gift-Guide-for-Chefs6. Beauty DustAccording to the package, “this ancient empiric formula expands beauty through alchemizing elements legendary for their youth preserving, fortifying, and tonifying qualities.” Needless to say, that description sold me, and I’ve been adding Beauty Dust to my smoothies for a while now. It could be in my head, but I swear my skin is glowier, and I love it. I imagine other shameless beauty/health junkies will too. (Yes, I realize this is a very Gwyneth-like recommendation given its price point and general ridiculousness. Sorry.)

7. Slate Cheese Serving BoardI’m pretty sure every Domesticate ME! gift guide has included a cheese board, but that’s because it’s probably the most crowd-pleasing present ever. Even crazy people non-cheese eaters need one for serving their favorite snacks. I dig this particular slate board for its rustic handles and the fact that you can write on it with chalk to label your cheeses and thangs.

8. Reidel Stemless Champagne FlutesFor those who love bubbly and chic glassware! If your giftee is super preppy (or just likes his/her initials on everything like my roommate does), Williams-Sonoma will monogram them for you.

9. Moscow Mule Gift SetThe Moscow Mule (in its many variations) has been my go-to cocktail for a years, and this set has everything you need to get the party started. Gifting it with a bottle of vodka would be a rather generous touch.

10. Food52 Genius RecipesYou can always trust Food52 for insanely delicious recipes, and this genius compilation doesn’t disappoint. There’s a little something for everyone, making it a great addition to any and all cookbook collections.

Gift-Guide-for-cocktail-lovers11. Le Creuset Signature Dutch OvenThis is on the pricier side, but it’s a worthy investment. I’ve had mine for years and it easily gets the most play of any cookware item in my kitchen. (I recommend the 3½ or 4½ quart version.)

12. Jacobson Cocktail Salt TrioI like to bring this as a hostess gift to holiday parties, and it tends to go over well. Who doesn’t love a fancy rim job? (I couldn’t restrain myself.)

13. Wine Awesomeness SubscriptionAgain, I don’t usually love subscription boxes, but a friend from college turned me onto Wine Awesomeness, and they really are awesome. Three unique bottles of wine will be delivered to your door each month along with an accessible and hilarious tasting guide containing all kinds of wine info and pairing suggestions. It’s good booze and entertainment sans pretension/stuffiness. (The above photo is the promotional photo from their website. Respect.)

14. Monday MugYou can never have too many mugs, and I find this one inspirational without being annoying. I particularly enjoy it on Mondays.

15. KitchenAid Precision Press Coffee MakerThis is the perfect gift for the serious coffee drinker. It’s like a French press, but better because it has an integrated scale (which weighs coffee grounds and water independently in the same carafe for the perfect grounds : water ratio) and a built in timer to ensure magical coffee every single time. And I’m GIVING ONE AWAY!! (Details at the bottom of the post.)

Holiday-Gift-guide-for-foodies16. Hello Alfred. You can literally give someone you love the gift of time with this ridiculously cool service that provides a “shared neighborhood butler.” Members are assigned a dedicated butler who visits every week to take care of errands and to-dos (i.e. grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, etc.), so they can spend time doing more important and fun things. It’s currently available in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Boston, and you can buy gift cards! Because I love you (and Alfred loves me), you can get a 10% discount using the promo code: DOMESTICATEME

And now, let’s talk GIVEAWAY. In honor of the holiday season, I’m giving away a 3-month subscription to Hatchery and a KitchenAid Precision Press Coffee Maker to one of you! All you have to do is:

  1. Leave a comment with your favorite holiday activity/tradition (because I’m curious).
  2. Follow @hatchery on Instagram. You won’t regret it.

This giveaway will close on Sunday, December 6 at 11:59 pm EST. A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Tuesday, December 8. For shipping purposes, the giveaway is open to residents of the US only (sorry!!!).

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