Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day.

When I really think about it, I trace my love for the Hallmark Holiday back to my mom. Every year, she threw an epic “Valentine’s Tea” for my siblings and me. She’d decorate the kitchen and dining table with all manner of pink and red flare, and when we came home from school we’d be showered with hugs, kisses, and an obscene amount of sugar. It was the best. (Especially the year there was a shortage of romantic cards received due to pixie cut and braces.) Thanks, mom.

I get that there will always be Valentine’s Scrooges, but I will continue to shamelessly fly my V-Day fangirl flag because I think a day dedicated to celebrating love—whether romantic, familial, platonic, or for oneself—is wonderful, dammit. I also enjoy that there are sometimes presents involved. HALLELUJAH.

If you, like me, are the type that is down to give and receive a little Valentine’s treat, I’ve put together a handful of festive gift ideas below. (Many are pink and kitschy because some of us are into that.) Give them to your lovahhhh, your friends, your family, or yourself. OR forward this along to your significant other and hope for the best…

Love you, mean it.

Domesticate ME!’s Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:

  1.  Outdoor Voices Rose Quartz SetOV sets are my go-to workout wear, and I’m digging this seasonal color option. While it may seem dangerous to get sweaty in an entirely pink ensemble, trust that their fabric has magical moisture wicking capabilities. (I regularly wear the grey version to hot yoga and you never see a drop of sweat.)
  2. Le Creuset Heart CocotteI just think this is cute, and it would be delightfully kitschy to cook and bake in. It holds 2.5 quarts (so it’s multi-purpose!) and comes in pink, red, and white. They also make mini cocottes which are even cuter. Just throwing that out there.
  3. Live 24k Golden Fuel. Personally, I think this turmeric-collagen blend is the best golden latte mix on the market. It’s anti-inflammatory, beauty boosting, and tastes great, especially with creamy almond milk, a splash of vanilla, and some cinnamon.
  4. Pretty Plants from The SillFrom basic succulents to wild “patterned” options, The Sill has a plant for every type of person and home. Plus, they have lots of cool potting options, so get yo significant other a love fern!!
  5. Where To Eat PizzaThe perfect present for a pizza enthusiast, this book has info on the best places to eat pizza ALL OVER THE WORLD. (Logan saw it on the shelf at Rubirosa a few weeks ago, and we now own it and love it.)
  6. Milk Bar Birthday Cake TrufflesIf you’ve never had a birthday cake truffle, you haven’t fully lived, friends. They are heaven, and they come in heart-shaped boxes for V-Day. DO IT.
  7. ShhhowercapThese sassy showercaps are as fun as they are functional and they put a noisy, poofy plastic cap to shame. Oh, and they also happen to be antibacterial (game changer), waterproof and water repellent, noise reducing, and machine washable. Hot damn.
  8. Kinson Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray. My roommate gifted me this tray for Christmas, and it may just be the best present I’ve ever received. (I ate a bacon, egg, and cheese on it while watching Grey’s Anatomy on Sunday, and it was bliss.)
  9. Year and Day CeramicsYear and Day makes the most beautifully simplistic dishes in four unique colors. I’m particularly partial to the Big Bowls in Daybreak for V-Day, but a serving bowl or platter would be an equally delightful choice.
  10. Fingers Crossed Hand SculptureFor the funky Valentine, this bronze hand makes an excellent addition to any shelf or side table.
  11. Meder Hydra-Fill Mask. Skin junkies will appreciate the magic of this uber hydrating sheet mask that leaves you glowing like a disco ball. (The masks hook behind your ears to keep them in place, which is GENIUS.) Each pack comes with 5 masks, so it’s the gift that keeps on giving.
  12. MPTV Décor Prints hand-picked by yours trulyFor the past few Christmases and Valentine’s Days, Logan and I have forgone individual presents in favor of picking out a print together as a “joint gift.” It’s fun and romantic, and it just makes me happy to see the pieces on our walls everyday. For this reason, I’m super excited to be collaborating with MPTV Décor just in time for Valentine’s Day! It was an honor and privilege to put together a shoppable gallery of my favorite prints, any of which would make a fabulous present for yourself or someone you love. Make sure to use the fancy discount code: WOLF18 to get 10% off.

Your weird blog lady

p.s. Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday this year, which is great news because…


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  1. Chelle Michaels on February 6, 2018 at 12:28 pm

    A must to check out is by Dreamlines. My hubby gave me a sketch of my wedding dress.This would be so perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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