24 Kickass Recipes for Every Type of Valentine’s Day Celebration

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24-Valentine's-Day-Recipes-Everyone-Will-LoveBrace yourself, friends. It’s Valentine’s Week on Domesticate ME!

I realize that three V-Day posts may ruffle some feathers given people’s conflicting opinions on the so-called “Hallmark holiday,” but please indulge me. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a die-hard fan of February 14th, and I’m hoping to get as many of you on board the love train this year as I possibly can. After all, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for over-the-top romantic nonsense, it’s also a shameless celebration of chocolate and booze with the people you love. Family, friends, and (maybe) pets included.

So, whether you’re smug and in love, happily or unhappily single, chocolate lover or hater, I’ve got a little something for everyone up my sleeve over the next few days. I plan to pay homage to my beloved roommate at some point, and then off-set that mushiness by over-sharing a particularly ill-fated romance on a brand new episode of Cocktails and Confessions, but first, I’d like to kick things off with a roundup of my very favorite Valentine’s-friendly recipes. From breakfast to booze, I’ve got all your bases covered for LoveFest 2015. Let’s get busy, shall we?

24 Recipes for Every Type of Valentine’s Day Celebration


Cinnamon-Ricotta-Pancakes-with-Maple-Bourbon-Whipped-Cream-10Ricotta Pancakes with Maple Bourbon Whipped CreamI’m pretty confident that the secret to eternal love is bringing your significant other fluffy pancakes topped with boozy whipped cream in bed. This recipe makes extra whipped cream. Do with that what you will…

nutella-and-bacon-stuffed-french-toastNutella and Bacon Stuffed French ToastIt’s Valentine’s Day. Go hard or go home.

potato-rosti-with-pancetta-and-mozzarella-2Potato Rosti with Pancetta and MozzarellaThis is a magical giant hashbrown that’s filled with crispy pancetta and lots and lots of melted mozzarella. Eating this surrounded by fluffy pillows is the stuff food porn fantasies are made of. (Just me?)

Banana-Bread-with-Walnut-Crumble-5Banana Bread with Walnut CrumbleI just think it would be really epic to wake up on V-Day in a banana bread-scented love cloud.

healthy-triple-berry-chia-seed-muffinsTriple Berry Chia MuffinsSometimes a fresh muffin and a mimosa are worth a thousand words. (Just don’t forget to say the three important ones.)


pan-seared-halibut-with-citrus-jalapeno-salsaPan-Seared Halibut with Citrus-Jalapeño SalsaThis recipe is a date night triple threat: quick, light, and easy to clean up. Serve the halibut over quinoa, cilantro-lime brown rice, faro or some grilled vegetables, and you’ve got one seriously sexy meal.

Farro-risotto-with-prosciutto-parmesan-and-brussels-sprouts-11-2Farro Risotto with Prosciutto, Parmesan and Brussels SproutsBursting with flavor and texture, this fancy-looking “farotto” feels special, yet it’s surprisingly simple to whip up. And less slaving over a hot stove means more time for candlelit cocktail drinking, people. Get on board.

Goat-Cheese-Stuffed-Lemon-Chicken-Breasts-with-Rustic-Basil-Pesto-7Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Rustic Basil PestoI feel like this is something Ina and Jeffrey would eat together on Valentine’s Day along with several bottles of “good Champagne.” And if it’s good enough for Ina…

spaghetti-with-cherry-tomato-sauce-valentines-day-recipeSpaghetti with Cherry Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella and Basil. I feel obligated to include spaghetti simply because I figure at least one of you shares my Lady And The Tramp noodle fantasy.

healthy-baked-buffalo-chicken-tenders-with-yogurt-ranch-dressing-20Baked Buffalo Chicken TendersChicken fingies may not strike you as the most romantic of V-Day dinners, but I know plenty of peeps that would be pumped to crush these with their lovers. No judgment.


massaged-kale-and-shaved-brussels-sprouts-salad-with-pomegranate-and-avocado-20Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad with Pomegranate and AvocadoThis sexy salad is bright and fabulous, and if you’re thinking of doing a traditional Galentine’s brunch/lovefest, it would absolutely slay.

Caprese-Quinoa-Bake-20Caprese Quinoa BakeI wish this deliciousness for all my besties. (And you could always overlap the tomatoes and mozzarella in a heart shape. Just throwing that out there…)

the-best-vegan-roasted-tomato-basil-soup-6Roasted Tomato Basil SoupThis soup is an excellent call if you’re in need of something light to precede your chocolate and booze.

vegetarian-enchiladas-with-sweet-potato-black-bean-kale-4Roasted Sweet Potato, Kale and Black Bean EnchiladasKale AND melted cheese? Find me a (non-vegan) girl that is not ridiculously excited about that.

12-Foolproof-Fourth-of-July-Recipes-Chipotle -Mac-and-Cheese-with-BaconChipotle Mac and Cheese with BaconBecause you’re worth it.


dark-chocolate-chunk-oatmeal-cookies-with-cherries-and-sea-salt-11Dark Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies with Cherries and Sea SaltAs far as I’m concerned, V-Day is a shameless excuse to consume as much chocolate as humanly possible, and these cookies 100% fit the bill. (Plus, they’re actually pretty good for you. HALLELUJAH.)

Chocolate-Chip-Cheesecake-Swirl-Brownie-Bites-2Chocolate Chip Cheesecake-Swirl Brownie Bites. Chocolate and cheesecake are soulmates. We should all celebrate their marriage.

slutty-brownie-ice-cream-sandwichesSlutty Brownie Ice Cream SandwichesMic drop.

Vegan-Chocolate-Avocado-Pudding-with-Chia-Seeds-2Superfood Chocolate Avocado PuddingI realize some of you may not want to go completely batshit on the chocolate/sugar front this Saturday. Respect. Perhaps you’d like to indulge responsibly with this nutrient-packed chocolate treat? (Just say yes.)


pomegranate-vodka-gimlet-cocktailPomegranate Vodka GimletsThese sassy cocktails are on the stronger side, which is excellent news for those planning to adopt my favorite Valentine’s tagline: drunk in loooooove.

grapefruit-rosemary-moscow-mule-cocktail-20Grapefruit-Rosemary MuleBright and refreshing with a ginger-y kick, this is the perfect light pink libation to get loved up on this V-Day.

autum-sangria-with-apples-pomegranate-blackberries-10Autumn SangriaThis sangria plays all kinds of games with my heart. It’s just so damn pretty.

Roasted-Strawberry-Mint-Lemonade-4Roasted Strawberry Mint LemonadeI had to include this uber flavorful lemonade simply because it is such a fetching shade of bright pink. This is an excellent kid-friendly V-Day option, but I’m obviously going to suggest you drink it yourself with (ir)responsible amounts of vodka.

Grapefruit-Margaritas-with-Chipotle-Chile-Salt-and-Lime-5Grapefruit Margaritas. Let’s not forget that Valentine’s Day is, at it’s core, a FIESTA OF LOVE. Margaritas for everyone!

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  1. Yolanda Wynn on February 15, 2015 at 8:38 pm

    Firstly, I love all your recipes…but I have to say your mouse story was the funniest thing I have read in a while and gave me a huge laugh, although I feel exactly the same way and I’m an animal lover, so at your expense…sorry…thank you for the good laugh when I needed it and keep the amazing recipes coming!

    • Serena_Wolf on February 18, 2015 at 8:57 am

      Thank you, Yolanda!! Thrilled that you’re enjoying the recipes, and even more glad that I’m not alone in my mouse fear…

  2. Dixya Bhattarai RD on February 11, 2015 at 12:30 am

    in my opinion 14th Feb should start and end with chocolate 🙂

    • Serena_Wolf on February 11, 2015 at 8:29 am

      Girl, PREACH!

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