2019 Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Father's Day Gift Guide‘Tis the season to celebrate dads, friends!

As with all holidays, Father’s Day ain’t about the presents. Hugs, heartfelt cards, gestures like cold beer breakfast in bed or some old-fashioned QT will always do a dad right. But should you wish to go above and beyond and gift the dad(s) in your life a little something special this year, I have a few fun ideas for you.

Whether he’s a bacon aficionado, golf addict, nap expert, music lover, outdoorsman, or the somewhat rare male skincare junkie, I’m hoping there’s a perfect present for every type of dad on the list below.

Cheers to the dads! Happy shopping, friends…

2019 Father’s Day Gift Guide:

1. Zingerman’s Bacon All Year Club. I gifted this club membership to my roommate for Christmas, and we have both become deeply obsessed with it. We now call the Saturday of the week the bacon arrives “bacon Saturday” and get creepily excited about possible bacon-themed creations. The bacon itself is bomb, but Zingerman’s also sends interesting bacon facts and creative recipes to be stored in the bacon binder provided in your first shipment. FUN FOR ALL AGES. The all year club is pricy, so if you’re not down to go all-in on an annual membership, try their quarterly option, or simply pick a bomb bacon or two from their online shop.

2. Lunya Restore Sleep Mask. Eye masks can be very helpful in getting the best possible sleep (especially when it comes to weekend mornings/naps/etc.), and your favorite dude(s) deserves better than a crappy airline mask! This one is super comfortable, breathable (so he won’t get too sweaty), and fits those with large domes.

3. Mother Dirt Skin Recovery Kit. Some men love skincare, some couldn’t care less, but I think it’s safe to say that most prefer a low-maintenance routine. Mother Dirt’s biome-friendly products aim to balance the skin, so that anyone can achieve great skin using minimal products. This kit contains a cleanser, moisturizer, and probiotic mist (which is a staple in my personal routine), and it’s an excellent option for all skin types. Give a dad you love the gift of glow.

4. Putt-A-Bout Par Three Putting Green. If you’ve got an obsessive golfer in your life, this putting green would be an excellent addition to his office (or perhaps a less trafficked room of your home?). Practice makes perfect.

5. Framed Concert Poster. Sourcing a cool concert poster of a dad’s favorite band/musician and getting it framed is always an epic personalized present. I once gave Logan a signed Widespread Panic poster, and he almost passed out. (He really, really loves Widespread though, so I can’t promise the same reaction from other dudes.)

6. Felix Gray Blue Light Filtering Glasses. For the dad who spends his life in front of screens! Overexposure to the blue light emitted by screens can cause eye strain, increase the risk of macular degeneration, and affect sleep. These glasses are a rather stylish way to filter blue light and reduce its negative effects.

7. Yeti Rambler 24-Ounce Mug. Is it even a Serena gift guide without a #notsponsored Yeti product?! Yeti’s latest offering is this large beer mug, which will keep a dad’s favorite brews unfathomably frosty. I suppose it could also be utilized by extremely aggressive coffee drinkers.

8. Muse Meditation Headband. Know a dad who could use a little extra chill? This meditation headband is an EEG device that interprets your mental activity to help you meditate more effectively by producing guiding sounds. When your mind is settled, you hear peaceful weather through the headband, and when your thoughts are racing, you’ll hear stormy weather, cuing you to bring your mind back to your breath. The headband connects to an app that provides guided meditations (if you want them) and also tracks your brain activity during a mediation session so you can view your results afterward. Neat.

9. Sitka+ Rechargeable Lantern. This funky lantern has an amazingly long battery life and is perfect for camping or simply hanging outside at home. It also has two USB power outputs so you can charge phones or other small devices and a colored light feature should a dad decide to turn up and/or host a mini rave.

10. Sea Star Men’s Mariner Denim Espadrilles. Waterproof and stylish, these denim espadrilles are the ultimate summer shoe. They look equally fabulous with swim trunks as they do with khakis or linen pants, and according to my roommate, they’re very comfy. I’ve linked to the these at Barney’s because this color is no longer on the Sea Star site, but Sea Star does have many other color options here.

11. Iron Throne Toilet Decal Sticker. Should a dad in your life be a GOT die-hard with a sense of humor, I highly recommend upgrading his throne with this ridiculous decal.

12. The Dude Diet. Because I’m a business woman. (But honestly, I believe this book is a great dad present across the board.)

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