Sunday Night Fear

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The Sunday night fear. We’ve all had it. It’s only natural to contemplate your sins on God’s day. Unfortunately, we are usually contemplating the sins of the previous night.

When 5pm rolls around, you know you’re in for it. You have homework you should have done, you have a presentation at work, you forgot to pick up your dry-cleaning, that hottie from the bar never called, WHATEVER. Maybe you’re just sad it’s five whole days until the weekend. Hellllo, Sunday night fear. By 6pm, the fear has you deeply in its nasty clutches. Common symptoms: bitching, crying, moaning, and texting that guy that you really shouldn’t text to come hold your hand.

Well, we have found an answer for both your Sunday night fear and your “Saturday was a wonderful mistake” binge-eating tendencies. We’d love to tell you that it involves some sort of delicious home-cooked feast, but if you think that most people are capable of taking care of business in the kitchen on a Sunday night, maybe you should re-think your social life. However, just because you may be anxious, hungover, tired, etc. there is no reason you can’t have a classy night in. Put on your fanciest pajamas, light some candles, and throw in an uplifting sports movie (Miracle is being shown below). Get out your silver spoon and a personalized pint of Haagen Daz, ask your roommate/boyfriend/couch buddy for a massage (it’s always worth a try), and kiss your fear goodbye.


This always works, and if it doesn’t, add a couple chicken wings and some more beer. (Also, in lieu of a guy to hold your hand…wrap your arms tight around a minikeg!)

P.S. A well-stocked fridge never hurts:

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