The Dude Diet: Free Presents with Pre-Order!!! (You Know You Want Them…)

the-dude-diet-free-gifts-with-pre-orderIt’s coming, friends. DD Day is exactly 3 weeks out, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to contain my freakish excitement. I held a hard copy of The Dude Diet for the first time last week, and I have to admit, it was pretty surreal. I can’t wait for you to hold it too.

I know some of you have already pre-ordered (virtual chest bump), but if you haven’t, I’m about to give you my best pre-order pitch. Are. You. REAAAAADY??! (Please read in sports announcer’s voice.)

Why should you preorder?

First and foremost, pre-ordering guarantees that a copy of The Dude Diet will arrive on your doorstep on its release date, October 25. You’ll be one of the very first peeps to receive the book (bragging rights!), and you’ll be able to get cooking ASAP. This will also give you a leg up on some of the cooking contests and giveaways that I have up my sleeve. Just throwing that out there.

Second—and this one is purely selfish—pre-orders count toward my first week of book sales. So if everyone pre-orders, then there’s (a very small) chance that The Dude Diet will land a spot on the New York Times Best Seller List. And if I get on the New York Times Best Seller List, then more people will find out about The Dude Diet. And if more people find out about The Dude Diet, then I might get to cook things on TV, pose for Esquire in a classy way, and become best friends with Jim from The Office! (I’m not sure why you would want to rob me of these things??!)

Most importantly, if you pre-order The Dude Diet: Cleanish Food For People Who Like To Eat Dirty BEFORE October 25, I will send you the following free presents as a token of my undying love and gratitude:

  • A sick Dude Diet koozie. (You will receive 1 koozie per order, not per book. Sorry.)
  • A signed book plate to stick inside your copy of The Dude Diet. You have your choice of either “The Serena” OR “The Dude” book plate, which are both pictured above. (Please note that Logan and I have a fierce competition going for who will be the most requested. Do what you feel is right.) Just to be clear, unless you’d like an LSU signature, I will be signing your plate. I let him sign the pictured plate just for funsies.
  • 3 EXCLUSIVE recipes that you will never see anywhere else, including the insanely delicious Spicy Mexican Chicken Egg-in-the-Hole Burgers pictured below.

And for you wonderful humans who order 3 or more books (heyoooo, big spenders/holiday shoppers, I love you), you will also receive your choice of Dude Diet t-shirt! (Pictured above.) These are clearly the pinnacle of FASHUN, so I’m guessing you’ll all be ordering 3 books?

spicy-mexican-chicken-egg-in-the-hole-burgersTo claim your FREE presents, pre-order The Dude Diet on Amazon (or your retailer of choice), and send an email to with the following information:

  1. A screen shot of your purchase receipt. You can also forward me your confirmation email from the online retailer, if you prefer.
  2. Your mailing address. (Apologies! I am only shipping to addresses in the U.S. and Canada.)
  3. Whether you’d like “The Serena” OR “The Dude” book plate. 
  4. If you have purchased 3 or more books, please include which t-shirt you would like (Meat Sweats OR Wonderland) and your size (XS-XL).

Once I receive your email, you will be sent the bonus recipe PDF within 24-hours. Koozies, book plates, and t-shirts will ship the week of October 25th.

I shall leave you with one final pre-order incentive in the form of Logan modeling the Meat Sweats tee in Paris. #sexsells

the-dude-diet-t-shirtAnd from ze rear…

dude-diet-in-parisNailed it.

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