What to do when you don’t get into the bar…

April 10, 2011 | |

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Last night, our friend Bay suggested we go to Rosa Bonheur, an outdoor bar in a park on the outskirts of Paris. After making our way there via taxi, metro, and finally cobblestone streets (in heels mind you) , we were greeted by the world’s longest line. Unforgivable. It was clear that waiting to start drinking until we actually got into the bar was a ridiculous concept, so three of our number bravely set off on an epic search for booze. They triumphantly returned bearing luke-warm champagne, plastic champagne flutes, 1664 mini-cans, cheese curls and curiously glitter-stained faces, only to realize that they had been locked out of the park. Bay’s suggestion: Hop the fence! Liberty’s response: No.

Being the good friends that they are, the three inside the park came to find us, and we commenced our impromptu cocktail party.

Liberty is not that short (everyone else is just ridiculously tall…..seriously)

We wandered aimlessly until we stumbled upon a hidden entrance to the park. Our own Secret Garden!

Halfway down a rather steep hill, I collapsed (I chose to wear very high heels…It is very exhausting to look better than everyone else all the time). So our party plopped down around her and we enjoyed our hard-earned drinks while watching the sun set over Paris.

See guys, being domesticated is not just about how well you cook or how hot you look in an apron; it’s about how you entertain your guests. Whether it’s at your dining room table, in your backyard, or waiting in line at some god forsaken park in Paris, it is your responsibility to make your guests feel relaxed and happy. Sunburned faces, high heels, and (the initial) lack of alcohol aside, we had a blast, and all we did was sit in a park. Classy.

MORAL OF THE STORY: In the end, its not the food on the table, but the people in the chairs. So whatever you do, make it count.

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