Just The Tip: How To Chill Wine Instantly

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Heyooo. Happy #JustTheTip day from ze beach, friends!

I hope you have festive and/or relaxing plans for the first official weekend of summer and that said plans involve wine because I’m about to teach you a lifesaving hack for chilling vino in 60 seconds flat. This little trick comes in handy for spur-of-the-moment celebrations, as well as those times when you drop the ball and forget to pop your vino in the fridge ahead of time. And no it does not involve ice cubes or a Corkcicle. It’s far classier than the former and more effective than the latter, which is a piece of crap doesn’t actually work. (I know because I’ve somehow collected like seven Corkcicles over the years, and each one is more disappointing than the last.)

Please watch and learn.

p.s. If you like your wine with a side of sweet tunes, I’m currently into…

This when I’m getting ready.
This for porch/beach cocktails.
This in the car.
This for wheneva. (Because I not so secretly love Drake. And Rihanna.)

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