Casual Friday: Dude Diet Edition

October 28, 2016 | |

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TGICasual Friday, friends!! Today we’re doing the damn thing Dude Diet style.

First and foremost, to all of those who have sent emails/texts/pictures/other forms of communication about the book, thank you!! I’ve been smiling so hard I’m worried I’ve undone all the anti-aging benefits of my recent microcurrent facials, and a few of you brought me to actual tears with your fabulous compliments and support. (Yes, I’m extremely overtired and therefore prone to crying, but still.) This entire week has been surreal, and I’m so excited for The Dude Diet to finally be in so many hands and kitchens. HEARTS AND RAINBOWS EMOJIS.

(Real talk: I also want to curl up like a tiny fat infant and sleep for 48 hours. Annabel Weiner and Matt Perelman, I apologize in advance for getting Selena drunk and passing out on/in your wedding cake tomorrow night…)

In lieu of the usual Casual Friday recipe and random internet musings, I thought we’d wrap up DD launch week with a few of my favorite Dude Diet-related links. Sometimes you just have to throw all self-promotional shame out the window, embrace your inner Gwyneth, and really feel yourself, you know? We shall return to regularly scheduled Domesticate ME! programming next week, but for now, let’s talk about me, me, meeeeeee….

Last Thursday I made Buffalo Chicken Fingies with Mario Batali, which second to the proposal, may have been the greatest experience of my life? You can watch the two-part segment here and here.

I got to talk all things DD with Gary and Lisa on the K-Earth101 Morning Show yesterday. They called The Dude Diet a “craze,” and I almost peed myself with excitement. The interview is available for listening here.

Dude-Diet-Thai-Chicken-MeatballsAli, aka the spiralizing queen, made the Thai Chicken Meatballs (on page 123) and served them over zucchini noodles. Genius.

The fine folks at AOL gave me so many compliments. God, I love compliments.

dude-diet-nutty-chocolate-brookiesMatt and Beau made the Nutty Chocolate Brookies, and I adore them for it. (Also, if you’re not familiar with Probably This, get on it. They are the SASSIEST.)

Jess and I chatted about all the things that freaked my week (including snail cream and my obsession with Yeti tumblers) on the One Part Podcast.

Abel and I delved into the origins of The Dude Diet and my private chef-ing past on The Fat-Burning Man Podcast. (Listening to this alerted me to how often I say “like” when I’m tired. Jesus. I’m sorry, Abel.)

Dude-Diet-Magic-Faux-tisserie-ChickenTeighan made the Magic Faux-tisserie Chicken (on page 103) and HOLY SHIT, her photos!!! Not sure I’ve ever seen a more beautiful bird.

Heads up!! I will be on the TODAY Show next Friday 11/4 during the 8am hour making healthy Game Day Eats in case you want to DVR…

And now, I shall leave you with this adorable shot of The Dude Diet with a baby…

dude-diet-babyand with a puppy…


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  1. Lauren Anne on October 28, 2016 at 12:38 pm

    OMG THE TODAY SHOW??? You go girl!! That’s the dream. Congratulations on The Dude Diet’s success, it’s incredible to watch. Can’t wait to get my copy!

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