The Dude Diet: Book Tour Schedule

BREAKING NEWS: Girlfriend’s going on tour with The Dude Diet!!!

That’s right, people. I’m taking my book baby on the road, and I could not be more excited to talk to, cook with, and hug as many of you as humanly possible over the next two months!! (If the handful of DD events I’ve done thus far are any indication, this tour is going to be all kinds of awesome/delicious/heartwarming/hilarious.) I will also be making an appearance on some of your local TV and radio stations, so if you can’t make it to an event, I’m hoping you’ll still be able to catch me on ze airwaves!

There’s a smorgasbord of festivities on the docket, ranging from traditional signings to cooking demos, but I’m pleased to report that all are FREE to attend and more than 50% will involve booze of some sort. (Thank God.) Groovy details listed below. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!

p.s. Bad huggers freak me out, so if you know your skills are subpar, please start practicing, stat. (Don’t be shy, most people really enjoy hugs.) Oh, and let’s agree right now to go for the hug so we don’t have an awkward handshake/hug sitch. Gracias.

p.p.s. There are a few other events in the works for late spring/summer, so I’ll be updating this schedule once they’re locked and loaded. Stay tuned…

2/20: Edwards, CO Bookworm of Edwards 6pm
Talk, Book Bites & Signing

2/23: Richmond, VA CCH Collection 5-7pm
Cocktails, Book Bites & Signing

2/24: Minneapolis, MN Lakes & Legends Brewery 7:30-8:30pm
Talk & Signing (and most likely beer drinking!)

2/25: Minneapolis, MN Williams Sonoma Ridgedale Mall 2-4 pm
Talk & Signing

2/25: Minneapolis, MN CC Club 6-9pm
Signing/Raffle/Dude Diet Drink of the Week(!!)

3/1: Greenwich, CT Madewell Greenwich 
Shopping, Cocktails & Signing (There will be books for sale, but you can also bring your own to have signed!)

3/4: Charleston, SC Open Door Shop 11am-1pm
Cocktails & Signing

3/8: Seattle, Washington Book Larder 6:30-8pm
Talk & Signing

3/9: San Francisco, CA Biondivino 4-7pm
Wine & Signing

3/11: Denver, CO BookBar 7pm
Cooking Demo & Signing

3/15: Boston, MA Trident Booksellers & Café 7-8pm
Cooking Demo & Signing

3/23: Minneapolis, MN Barnes and Noble Galleria 7pm 
Talk & Signing

3/24: St. Paul, MN Lululemon 5:30-7pm

3/25: Minneapolis, MN Mill City Farmer’s Market 10am-1pm

4/7: Chicago, IL Read It & Eat
Cooking Demo & Tasting (Limited number of tickets available!!)

4/26: Atlanta, GA A Cappella Books 7pm
Talk & Signing

5/6: Charlotte, NC Capitol 1-4pm

5/9: Miami, FL Book & Books 8pm
Cooking Demo & Signing

6/15: Dallas, TX Details TBD

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