Sweet Potato Avocado Toast with Crispy Prosciutto

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Fun facts I’ve learned about myself on the road these past few weeks…

I sleep best to “light rain” on my sound soother app. Even though the rushing water makes me feel like I kinda have to pee while I’m nodding off.

1½ cups of coffee is the sweet spot before being on cam-ah-raahhh. Any less, and I find it hard to moderate my “ummms” and trucker mouth, any more, and I’m anxious and a little bit sweaty.

Going forward, I must always research whether or not a hotel has a bathtub before booking. I simply cannot handle the extreme disappointment upon arriving to find only a shower. (I’m a diva, I’m a, I’m a d-diva.)

I experience mild rage blackouts when someone uses both armrests on the plane or tries to deplane before it’s their turn. Unforgivable.

Speaking of planes, there is something about being in the air that upsets my emotional equilibrium and causes me to cry more than usual while watching movies. I chose to watch Stepmom on the way to LA last week like an idiot, and by the end, I was sobbing/snotting so hard I could barely breathe. My seatmate was understandably concerned…

The fastest way for me to decompress/psych myself up/get happy is to listen to something obnoxiously pop-y at an equally obnoxious volume. (This is my current go-to.) If in the privacy of my hotel room, Hugh Grant-esque dance moves only enhance the experience…

After all these years, Liz Lemon is still the best travel buddy. (Despite the “your start up disk is full!” warnings I receive multiple times a day, I shall never delete the 7 seasons of 30 Rock on my laptop.)

FaceTime angles are tough. Luckily, my roommate and I still find each other attractive with 7 chins!

I feel very sad without my daily avocado toast fix.

I suppose the last fact isn’t exactly a revelation on the self-knowledge front. I’ve been an avocado toast fetishist for a while now (you know I love to wave my basic flag), but I don’t think I truly realized the extent of my dependence until the #dudediettour. Not knowing where my next avocado toast is coming from has been downright unsettling, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be feeding my addiction at home for a few days. Given that it’s #BirthdayPrincessWeek, I plan to step up my toast game with this Sweet Potato Avocado Toast with Crispy Prosciutto…

If you’ve yet to hop on the sweet potato “toast” wagon, you’re gonna want to join the party, stat. Roasted sweet potato planks are an epic vehicle for your favorite toppings, and they’re a fabulous option for the gluten-free, Whole 30, and paleo peeps. Sure, it takes slightly longer to “toast” sliced sweet potato than bread, but it couldn’t be easier (slice, oil, season, roast), and 20 minutes is a small price to pay for the deliciousness. Trust me on this one.

Sweet potato and creamy avocado are obviously a foolproof combo, but adding some crisped prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, shaved Parmesan, and chives will blow yo’ mind. It’s the ideal anytime meal, but it’s definitely impressive enough to serve at your next fancy brunch, so keep that in mind. And if you enjoy #yolkporn as much as I do, I highly recommend getting a poached egg involved. Do ittttt.

p.s. I just want to say the biggest thank you to all the people who have come to see me in various cities over the past few weeks. I can’t express how amazing it is for this weird blog lady to meet DM and DD readers in the flesh, and despite the travel exhaustion and the fact that I ran out of eye masks at one point(!!!), I am so unbelievably grateful for your support and the #dudediettour experience. YOU DA BEST. Minneapolis, I’m coming for you Thursday. LA and Chicago peeps, put on your party pants. You’re next.

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