The Dude Diet: Forward and Onward!

dude-diet-turkey-reuben-sandwichesHow’s it hanging, dudes? I know it’s been a while since the last official Dude Diet post, and for that I apologize. Since I literally live and breathe the Dude Diet on a daily basis, I sometimes forget that you may need some focused attention, reassurance, and updates on your not-so-humble ambassador’s progress. So again, I’m sorry, and I’m about to make it up to you in a big, BIG way. I promise. In case you were curious, Logan really did crush it on the Dude Diet front this fall and most of the winter. Sure, things were touch-and-go over the holidays, but that’s to be expected, and the Dude and his wonderland body emerged relatively unscathed in the New Year. (Sadly, I can’t say as much for the poor finger food servers forced to endure Logan’s stalking and commentary...

The Dude Diet: Buffalo Chicken “Fingie” Edition

Healthy Baked Buffalo Chicken Tenders With RanchAre you still with me, dudes? I know it’s been a while, and I have no excuse, so I’ll just say: I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I sincerely hope your moobs have not returned in my absence. Truth be told, it’s been a rough summer for The Dude Diet. Logan and I have been on the wedding circuit, and he’s been crushing cocktails and apps with shameless enthusiasm for three terrifying months. I don’t want to get into the dirty details (like the time he asked the wedding planner if he could have the leftover mac and cheese from the children’s meals, or when he practically form tackled a tray of late-night grilled cheese on the dance floor), but you should know I’ve spent a lot of time reenacting the scene...

The Dude Diet: Sushi Edition

Ahi-tuna-poke-sushi-bowls-with-brown-riceBefore we launch into the subject of today’s post, I would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of Dude Diet activity over the past three months. In my defense, I’m hard at work on an e-book of Dude Diet recipes and teachings, and as a result, I’ve been negligent about blogging on the subject. I only hope that you can find it in your hearts (which I’m praying are still in decent shape) to forgive me, and that you haven’t completely destroyed your wonderland bodies in my absence. That said, I have some good news, friends! I’m very pleased to report that the Dude has been doing a pretty stand-up job as brand ambassador recently, and by some miracle, he’s kept himself under a deuce since January. It’s unclear whether he’s keeping it tight as a result of finally internalizing...

The Dude Diet: Mac and Cheese Edition

dude-diet-healthy-mac-and-cheese-with-cauliflower-cheese-sauce-and-chicken-sausage-2Happy New Year, dudes! I sincerely apologize for leaving you in the lurch lo these many months, but it’s been a rough season for The Dude Diet. I’ve mentioned before that Logan views the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s as a hall pass to get down and extremely dirty on the food front, and this year he really took advantage. Sadly, any and all attempts to rein him in were met with dirty looks and a dissertation on the joy and freedom of “vacation eating.” As you can imagine, the abundance of baked goods, pigs in a blanket, and white Russians available between November and January didn’t do the dude’s wonderland body any favors. However, Logan decided not to grow his full holiday beard this year, so at least he wasn’t collecting crumbs of evidence in his facial hair, which has...

The Dude Diet: NFL Edition

dude-diet-chicken-cutlets-and-zucchini-pasta-with-cherry-tomatoes-3The Dude Diet is going mainstream, folks. I mean, I always knew a high profile dude would eventually get on board, I just wasn’t exactly sure of how it would play out. I mostly envisioned getting my hands on a pre-weight loss Seth Rogan type, putting him on The Dude Diet in secret for a couple months, and having him publicly unveil his new wonderland bod to the world in some dramatic way. When Jimmy Kimmel inevitably asked how this dude got so svelte, I would come running out on stage in a tight Dude Diet t-shirt and take full credit. Said celebrity would then star in national ad campaigns alongside Logan (who is already an internet celebrity), and The Dude Diet would become the new Weight Watchers. It was a simple plan. This is not what happened. What did happen is that...

The Dude Diet: Cheesesteak Edition

Dude-eating-philly-cheesesteaks-2I hate to say it, but it’s been a rough few weeks for The Dude Diet. The wedding triple-header and its associated finger foods did the expected damage, and the Dude's new job has left him with very little time to exercise. There has also been some aggressive pizza and barbecue consumption, as well as an unfortunate incident involving Logan coming home with an array of gummy bears and chips, claiming that I was “trying to starve him to death.” But that’s neither here nor there. While I’m worried that starting a new job has exacerbated Logan’s stress-eating tendencies, I’m more concerned about the toll that football season is going to take on his wonderland body. As much as Logan loves football, he loves the food that he eats while watching football even more, specifically, pizza, Read More >>

The Dude Diet: Anniversary Edition

The-Dude-Diet-Anniversary-EditionIt’s a very special day, dudes. Exactly one year ago today, I wrote a short piece addressing the nutritional idiocy of my boyfriend/roommate, Logan, accompanied by a poorly depicted recipe for pork osso buco. I talked about Logan’s strangely intense love of burgers, cheese steaks, and pizza, and how I feared that based on his disturbing diet, he may not have many years left to live. It was honest and informative, but it was meant to be a one-off. A cathartic exercise, if you will. Therefore, I was very surprised when I received a flood of emails, texts and phone calls regarding the aforementioned post. (This overwhelming response was particularly shocking because, let’s be real, Domesticate Me! wasn’t nearly as fancy or popular back then.) People were intrigued. Was Logan really on a diet? Sort of. What exactly did this...

The Dude Diet: Stop Snoring

logan-sleeping I’m pleased to report that things are pretty solid on the Dude Diet front, folks. Despite an off-the-wagon wedding weekend in Newport, where he drank his weight in mudslides and terrorized many a finger-food server, the Dude has been keeping it relatively tight over the past few weeks. Logan has been doing a respectable amount of exercise, eating a decently balanced diet, and his recent carbohydrate fetish appears to be on the decline. The numbers on the scale are going down, and things are looking up. Forward and onward, dudes. Today, I would like to focus on an issue that Logan has been struggling with for most of his adult life. It’s a somewhat personal problem, and I didn’t realize until recently that it might be tied to Logan’s eating habits, and that The Dude Diet could potentially help bring...

The Dude Diet: Control Your Cravings

Dude-Diet-Chicken-Parmesan-BurgersIt’s been a rocky couple of weeks for The Dude Diet. I'm sad to report that sandwich consumption has been high, Dominos has been ordered, and I don't like to think about the multiple extravaganzas that have taken place at 16 Handles (aka frozen yogurt Mecca) in the past few days. At least the Dude has been exercising regularly. As disappointing as his recent diet choices have been, I would generally dismiss these indulgences as typical of Logan’s “vacation eating.” However, Logan’s eating has taken on a new breed of intensity of late, which has given me cause for concern. In short, his desire to eat carbs and sugar seems to be at an unnatural high. Between making s’mores on the stovetop in Maine, eating spaghetti Bolognese as a snack, and talking about pizza a disturbing amount (even for him), I began...

The Dude Diet: Post-Workout Meals

the-dude-diet-post-workout-meals Truth be told, summer has tested Logan’s dedication to The Dude Diet and it has found him wanting. However, despite two very long Widespread Panic weekends, a Fourth of July meat fest, and our recent move to within 100 yards of a Chipotle, Logan can still button his pants, so all is not lost. The one thing that I will say in the Dude’s favor is that he has really been stepping up his exercise game lately. Thanks to his love of outdoor activities, Logan got in at least one good workout everyday while we were out West. He's been running, hiking, golfing, and noodling the night away at concerts (which I am including as exercise because it is surprisingly exhausting). Logan even biked up Vail Mountain by himself, which I found very impressive. Mountain biking is hardcore. Read More >>