Just The Tip: How To Remove Eggshell From A Bowl

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TGIF/Happy #JustTheTip Day, people!

I don’t care how excellent your egg cracking skillz, every once in a while you may accidentally get a rogue piece (or two) of eggshell in your bowl. As you may have experienced, the shell can be tricky to fish out, especially if there are multiple eggs in the bowl. However, there is one foolproof way to save your eggs, which I demonstrate in today’s extremely quick and dirty episode of Just The Tip. Watch and learn.

p.s. I’m about to take off for my first of three wedding celebrations in the next eight days, and I’m equal parts nervous and excited right meow. So much travel, and emotion, and champagne! (I feel like three weddings in a week has to be some sort of record?) Please pray for my dark circles. And my liver. I imagine there will be many highs and lows, so you may want to follow this “journey” on Snapchat (username: serenagwolf). I apologize in advance for the profanity and shirtless photos of my roommate…

p.p.s. Fridays deserve good tunes and good cocktails. I recommend jamming to this while sipping Camparty Punch.

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