2019 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Personally, I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. I have my mom to thank for this—she always threw my siblings and me what was basically a Mad Hatter’s tea party and made the day feel exciting and special—but I also just think a “holiday” dedicated to celebrating love is…NICE.

(Valentine’s Day haters, you are entitled to your distaste for the consumerist “Hallmark Holiday,” but please do not rain on my love parade.)

Sure it’s great to be madly in love on February 14th, but it’s also a fabulous day to shower anyone and everyone you love (family! friends! pets! yourself!) with a little extra appreciation. A phone call, note, or hug is plenty, but if you feel like treating someone to a li’l something special this Valentine’s Day, I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up a few ideas for you below. They are mostly pink and red because there is something to be said for thematic gifting. Aaaand I’m an unapologetic fan of kitsch.

p.s. If you’re interested in receiving one of these items, I find forwarding this post to loved ones with the subject line “Hint, HINT…” to be very effective. Everyone appreciates a little friendly guidance when it comes to finding the perfect present.

My Favorite Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:

1. Viventive Luxury Spa Bath Pillow. If you have a bath lover in your life and they are currently bathing sans pillow (horror of horrors!), give them the priceless gift of neck support. This extraordinarily comfortable orthopedic bath pillow fits any bathtub and is made from an anti-bacterial mesh fabric that allows for quick drying (read: no mildew smell).

2. Caudalie Natural Hydrating Heroes. Caudalie is one of my all-time favorite beauty brands, and their S.O.S Thirst Quench Serum has been a game-changer in my personal skincare routine. This set contains a full-size bottle of said serum plus Grape Water (a fabulous hydrating toner/mist) and Vinosource Sorbet (a soothing gel cream). The perfect winter present for any skincare aficionado. 

3. Wish You Were Here Satin Eye Mask. Anyone without blackout curtains can appreciate the value of a good sleep mask, and this one is particularly sweet. Plus, satin eye masks have been shown to reduce fine lines around the eyes. This is important. 

4. Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Rose Gold Eye Masks. In addition to working some major de-puffing magic, these rose gold masks make the wearer feel a little extra prince/princess-y. Here for it. 

5. Yeti 14 oz Rambler Mug. I know I put a Yeti on basically every gift guide, but whatever. This mug is a game changer for coffee/tea drinkers, and it’s pink!!! #notsponsored 

6. Aquis Waffle Luxe Hair Turban. I’ve been using the Aquis lisse luxe towel for years, but I recently got one of these turbans, and it’s glorious. Secure, comfortable, and lightweight (everyone knows a heavy bath dowel on your head is uncomfortable/unwieldy), this super absorbent turban cuts drying time in half and prevents both frizz and breakage. Honestly, I can’t think of anyone with hair who wouldn’t love this thing. 

7. Victoria’s Secret x Mary Kantrantzou Satin Kimono. Upgrade a robe-lovers getting ready/lounge attire with this bright and festive floral kimono, which I also think would be cute over jeans and a tank. 

8. Life Elements CBD Bath Bombs. I love both CBD and baths, and these bath bombs make for a particularly luxurious, skin-soothing, pain-relieving soaking experience. The bombs come in three different strengths, and no, they won’t get you high. (The hemp-derived CBD contains less than 0.3% THC and is non-psychoactive.)

9. Cuyana Leather Travel Case Set. I find Cuyana’s leather goods to be incredibly well made and timelessly chic. This set includes a larger travel case that’s great for toiletries, and a baby case that can be used for everything from jewelry or makeup to headphones/chargers. If you’re not feeling the red (no judgment), the cases come in 10 other sexy shades.

10. Modern Picnic Beige Luncher. It looks like a fancy handbag, but IT’S ACTUALLY A LUNCHBOX, PEOPLE!!! Sorry for yelling, but the thought of a chic, vegan leather, insulated lunchbox truly thrills me. They come in several classic colors and are the ideal present for #sassydesklunch fans. 

11. Mount Hood Slippers. A good slipper is the ultimate luxury, and these fluffy monsters would be quite the bear hug for tired tootsies. Also, I think they’re funny. And cute.

12. Work It Out Gym Bag. Like a good outfit, a fun bag can make a trip to the gym/workout studio a little more exciting, and this pink mesh beauty gives off a very good vibe. With that said, the bag could easily double as a weekender for the less athletically inclined.

13. 6-pack of Assorted Albanese World’s Best Gummi Candy. Not everyone loves chocolate on V-Day, and some of us prefer gummies with our flowers, okay? If you’ve yet to try Albanese, prepare to have your mind blown by the softest, juiciest gummies of all time. I don’t know what chemical they use to keep these babies so soft, and I don’t care. They’re delightful.

If none of these gift ideas speak to you, you may find something fun in last year’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. And if you’re shopping for the men in your life, I stand by the ideas listed here, here, and here

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  1. Stephanie on July 8, 2020 at 6:04 am

    I am team Valentine’s Day…I send a care package to my sister in Chicago, cards to my grandparents, little fun gifts for my husband…and I now want to adopt the tea party idea when my daughter gets older!

  2. GF on July 8, 2020 at 5:44 am

    Albanese gummies FTW!!!

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