The Cozy Casserole Roundup

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14-best-fall-winter-casserole-recipesHi, friends.

How you holding up? If you’re good, good. If you’re not, I feel you. I know I do a shit ton of oversharing around here, but the one thing I’ll never, ever discuss on this site is politics. Not my jam. Here at Domesticate ME! we tackle far more important issues, like meat sweats and how to avoid killing your dinner guests with undercooked chicken. (You’re welcome.)

So, in lieu of commenting on the state of America like most peeps on the internets today, I’m just going to send hearts and rainbows through my computer, pretend some of you shared the 3-pound bag of Haribo that mysteriously disappeared in my apartment this morning, and talk about something that unites us all: comfort food.

It’s getting colder and darker by the day (daylight savings—why?!), and we could all use a little extra cozy in our lives and our kitchens this season. Chunky sweaters and warm booze are good, but I also recommend…wait for it…CASSEROLES. I know that for some of you the term “casserole” may evoke images of grandmothers, Mad Men, and/or tuna noodle casserole (horror of HORRORS), but I’m hoping you’ll keep an open mind here. I firmly believe casseroles can and should be rebranded as creative, crave-worthy feasts, and I’m hoping the recipes I’ve rounded up below will help get the “cool casserole” ball rolling.

(Yes, 50% of them are quinoa bakes, but I won’t apologize for that. Quinoa bakes are bomb.)

Make one tonight? And dear God, don’t forget the wine…

Domesticate ME!’s 14 Favorite Casseroles:

brown-rice-casserole-with-butternut-squash-apples-and-sausage-step-2Butternut Squash Brown Rice Bake with Sausage and Apples. All of fall’s best flavors play extremely well together in this badass whole grain casserole. It requires a decent amount of prep time, sure, but I promise the end result is 100% worth the extra legwork. A bowl of this stuff is like a koala hug for the soul. (I love koala hugs.)

dude-diet-cheeseburger-quinoa-bake-3Cheeseburger Quinoa Bake. This is the ultimate Dude Diet-friendly comfort food feast. Trust me (and Logan) on this.

baked-orzo-casserole-with-turkey-sausage-broccolini-fontinaBaked Orzo with Broccolini, Sausage and Fontina. The Fontina sauce up in this bitch is liquid gold. GOLD, I tell you.

lemon-chicken-quinoa-bake-with-asparagus-and-fontinaLemon Chicken Quinoa Bake with Asparagus and Fontina. Again with the Fontina. (Sorry.) This recipe falls on the lighter side of the casserole spectrum, and since it looks rather fetching with some decorative lemon rounds and artfully scattered parsley, I recommend working it into your dinner party rotation, stat. Try subbing roasted or sautéed Brussels sprouts for the asparagus to keep things seasonal.

vegetarian-enchiladas-with-sweet-potato-black-bean-kale-4Roasted Sweet Potato, Kale and Black Bean Enchiladas. Are enchiladas are typically considered a casserole? They’re baked in a casserole dish, so I’m going with yes today. These are an epic vegetarian option, and they’d make an excellent addition to your weeknight menu/#MeatlessMonday rotation.

skillet-lasagna-with-turkey-sausage-and-vegetables-1Skillet Lasagna with Turkey Sausage and Vegetables. This lightened up lasagna really hits the spot when you’re looking to go HAM on something carb-y and cheesy but don’t want to completely blow up your healthy habits.

kabocha-squash-quinoa-bake-with-brussels-sprouts-and-pancetta-8Kabocha Squash Quinoa Bake with Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta. Sassy desk lunchers take note, this baby reheats like a dream. If you can’t get your paws on kabocha squash, butternut will work just as well.

three-cheese-cauliflower-gratin-10Three Cheese Cauliflower Gratin. This creamy, cheesy madness is technically a side dish, but that’s not to say you couldn’t eat a giant bowl and call it dinner…

lasagna-quinoa-bake-with-chicken-spinach-and-mushroomsLasagna Quinoa Bake with Chicken, Spinach and Mushrooms. All the addictive and comforting flavors of lasagna in trendy quinoa casserole form! Picking a favorite quinoa bake is like picking a favorite child, but I think this recipe may be my number one. That really is saying a lot, peeps.

sweet-potato-gratin-with-pancetta-parmesan-and-sage-6Sweet Potato Gratin with Pancetta, Parmesan and Sage. The legitimate moans this tends to elicit when people first taste this flavor-blasted gratin can be uncomfortable. But in a good way. Duh. I highly recommend sexing up your holiday tables with this one.

mushroom-white-bean-and-brown-rice-casserole-with-bacon-and-gruyere-7Mushroom, White Bean and Brown Rice Casserole with Bacon and Gruyère. Few things please a crowd more than bubbling cheese and bacon, and setting this dish on your table is guaranteed to induce a flood of hugs and compliments. FYI, the whole shebang can be completely assemble up to a day in advance and popped in the oven 30 minutes before serving.

mexican-mac-and-cheese-01Mexican Mac and Cheese. For the record, Logan teared up a little bit the first time he tried this fully-loaded fiesta mac. Haven’t you always wanted to make someone excitement cry with your cooking?

cheesy-baked-whole-wheat-penne-with-chicken-and-broccoliCheesy Baked Penne with Chicken and Broccoli. Fun for all ages, this easy, crowd-pleasing pasta practically screams Sunday dinner.

roasted-broccoli-chicken-cheddar-quinoa-bake-2Roasted Broccoli, Chicken and Cheddar Quinoa Bake. This is the OG Domesticate ME! quinoa bake, friends, and it still makes an appearance in my kitchen on the reg. It’s simple, satisfying, and 100% idiot-proof. (You can save time by using store-bought rotisserie chicken, if you must.)

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  1. Susan Stone on November 10, 2016 at 10:14 am

    I’ve saved several of these recipes that sound intriguing. Our weather is finally calming down to the point where casseroles would make delightful meals. Especially some of these.

  2. Birgit Trainor on November 9, 2016 at 3:07 pm

    Thanks for this timely, comforting post. ‘Tis the season for casseroles (and soups, and stews), and I was about to make a new grocery shopping list.

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