Just The Tip: My Go-To Vinaigrette

September 9, 2016 |

Happy #JustTheTip day from God’s Country, friends! (That’s Colorado for those of you who don’t speak Logan.) I’m about to chug coffee, slather myself in sunscreen, and purchase the least offensive hiking shoes/boots I can find in preparation for some trailblazing and afternoon zip-lining with my roommate. Wish me luck. Especially with the footwear.

But before I take off on my outdoorsy adventures, we’re gonna talk about salad dressing for a hot sec. You know I pride myself on keeping Domesticate ME! a judgment free zone, and I’m all for culinary shortcuts, but I draw the line at using store-bought salad dressing. I climb right up on my domestic high horse and straight up judge peeps that rely on generic salad dressings, particularly when it comes to a simple staple like balsamic vinaigrette. I can’t help it. It pains me.

I’m sure many of you are rolling your eyes and thinking, “Jesus, Serena. I am extremely busy and important and don’t have the time to whip up a fancy salad dressing at the drop of a hat. Plus, I buy the healthy shit!” I’m sorry. I hear you. But I’m also about to blow up your spot. It takes 2 minutes, max, to whip up a basic balsamic vinaigrette (which you can then store in the fridge for weeks), and trust me when I say that it is virtually impossible to buy a shelf-stable dressing that doesn’t contain additives and unnecessary amounts of sugar. Sad, but true. Plus, it’s actually cheaper to make your own balsamic from scratch than to buy bottles of the stuff on the reg.

Why shell out for a product you could easily make at home with ingredients that you trust??!! (Please note the word “easily.” I’m not asking you to whip up your own bone broth or puff pastry here, people.)

In today’s must-see episode of Just The Tip, I’m demonstrating just how easy it is to make a bomb (and customizable!) balsamic vinaigrette using just four pantry staples. I’m hoping that after watching me shake it (pun intended), you’ll be inspired to do the same. Most vinaigrette recipes call for a 1:3 oil to vinegar ratio, but I prefer to go a slightly different route…

Watch and learn.

*Awkwardly dismounts soapbox.*

p.s. Let me know if you have a favorite simple salad dressing in da comments. My inner voyeur is always intrigued by other people’s go-tos.

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