Just The Tip: How To Slice An Onion

October 2, 2015 |

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BREAKING NEWS: Season 2 of Just The Tip is here!

I had this whole rollout plan to get you psyched up for the premiere, but it was a weird week, and I forgot. Whateva. Now it’s a happy Friday surprise, and I can save all my extremely classy #JustTheTip puns for later! (God knows I love those.) I’ve got tons of videos coming your way over the next few months, covering everything from frittata basics and keeping your guac green to homemade nut milk and stovetop potpourri, and I’m creepily excited about it. Your culinary game is going to be so next level.

Since many of you were into last season’s onion dicing tip, I thought I’d round out your skill set and tackle the slicing issue. A lot of peeps just hack at an onion cross-wise (no judgment—I was once guilty of the same faux pas), but that yields uneven crescents that don’t cook evenly (and look kinda sad). For more uniform slices, you should actually be making fancy radial cuts from pole-to-pole, which I demonstrate in today’s episode. Watch and learn, friends.

If you want to play Just The Tip on the regular (you know you do), you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here. Happy Friday!!

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