16 Winning Super Bowl Recipes

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16-epic-super-bowl-recipesI regret to inform you that my grand Super Bowl fiesta plans have been dashed. Due to unforeseen work/life obligations and Logan’s deep-seated emotional attachment to giving himself the meat sweats Hill Country Barbecue, you’ll find me drinking a bucket of beer and reading my book in the corner of the aforementioned establishment come Sunday evening.

That said, I realize some of you will be entertaining (jealous) or celebrating solo on the couch (respect) during the big game, and you may be in need of some delicious inspiration. You’ve obviously come to the right place. From Buffalo chicken to vegan chili, I’ve rounded up 16 of my favorite fan foods to amp up your 2015 Super Bowl spread. Happy game day feasting, friends!

Sidenote: I originally planned to give all the recipes on this list kitschy Super Bowl-themed titles. Sadly, I was forced to abandon my ambitious plan when I realized that the only football players/terminology I’m familiar with are Tom Brady and “Clear eyes, full hearts, CAN’T LOSE.” It’s the thought that counts…

16 Epic Recipes for Super Bowl Sunday:

healthy-baked-buffalo-chicken-tenders-with-yogurt-ranch-dressingDude Diet Buffalo Chicken Tenders with Yogurt Ranch. I had to lead with these Buffalo bad boys, as they’ve made an appearance at pretty much every extravaganza in my apartment this fall/winter. If you have yet to experience the epic dankness of these baked fingies, you really need to get on it. They’re my Mona Lisa.

1 hour pulled porkEasy Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Sweet and Spicy Quick PicklesSlow-cooked pork shoulder/butt is bomb, but sometimes you just can’t spend 8 hours preparing your barbecue. (A fact I explain to Logan on a regular basis.) That’s where this easy pulled pork comes in. Made with lean pork tenderloin, it cooks to shred-able deliciousness in 40 minutes, and it’s significantly better for your wonderland bod. SORCERY.

cheesy-buffalo-chicken-meatball-sliders-5Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Meatball Sliders. Please don’t tell people that these spicy little miracles are filled with melted mozzarella cheese. It’s much more fun to watch them freak out over the surprise. (Fingers crossed for some tears.)

healthy-pork-tenderloin-chili-with-pinto-beansPork and Pinto Bean Chili. Chili on Super Bowl Sunday is non-negotiable, and this one’s a serious crowd-pleaser. Since it tastes even better the next day, make it the night before and re-heat it at game time. I recommend setting up a toppings bar and letting people build their own festive bowls. (Bacon is optional but encouraged.)

white-bean-chicken-chili-recipeWhite Bean Chicken ChiliIn the slow-cooker or on the stove, this chicken chili will make your kitchen smell like a cumin-spiked dreamland. I’ve been whipping up this recipe on the reg for the past 2 years, and I feel very strongly about its awesomeness. (It’s also on the lighter and milder side of the chili spectrum, which is great for those still honoring their healthy New Year’s resolutions and peeps that are pussies sensitive to spice.)

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.21.01 PMSweet Potato and Black Bean ChiliNot into meat? That’s cool. Allow me to introduce the most chronic vegan chili of all time. (Sorry for being all Kanye about it, but this stuff really is that good.)

12-Foolproof-Fourth-of-July-Recipes-Skillet-CornbreadSkillet Cornbread. You will need cornbread to dip in your chili(s). If you want to get super sassy, you could throw some cheddar and pickled jalapeños in the mix…

Bacon-and-smoked-cheddar-stuffed-cheeseburger-sliders-with-jalapeno-relish-3Bacon and Smoked Cheddar Stuffed Cheeseburger Sliders with Jalapeño Relish. In the always eloquent words of my roommate, “OOOOOH, it’s a bacon cheeseburger with the bacon on the inside. SO DANK.” (You can watch him experience the magic here.)

Spicy-Chicken-Quesadillas-with-Corn-Black-Beans-and-Caramelized-OnionsSpicy Chicken Quesadillas with Corn, Black Beans and Caramelized OnionsJuicy chicken, charred corn, hearty black beans, and sweet caramelized onions sandwiched between crispy tortillas with lots of fiery melted pepper jack? A thousand times yes. ‘Dillas 4 lyfe.

Chipotle-Hummus-with-Homemade-Chili-Lime-Pita-ChipsSuper Smooth Chipotle Hummus with Chili-Lime Pita Chips. I have spent 26 years hating hummus with a passion, and this is the dreamy dip that changed my mind. Enough said.

Open-Face Buffalo-Chicken-Subs-with-Ranch-Slaw-and-Blue-Cheese-Crumbles-4Open-Face Buffalo Chicken Subs with Ranch SlawI know this list is heavy on Buffalo chicken, but if there were ever a day to get weird with a bottle of Frank’s, it’s Super Bowl Sunday. I like the idea of making these (surprisingly simple) sandos on slider buns for a crowd. That would be cute.

crispy-baked-chicken-fingers-with-sriracha-honey-mustardCrispy Baked Chicken Tenders with Sriracha Honey MustardThese beautiful babies are coated in seasoned brown rice cereal, baked to crispy perfection, and then dunked in a sweet and spicy dipping sauce for the win. They’re also light, gluten-free, and Dude Diet approved, so things won’t be quite as scary if you decide to take your shirt off during the game. (People do that sometimes.)

bacon-queso-guacamole-recipeBacon-Queso Guacamole. Guacamole is bomb. Guacamole with cheese and bacon is better. (Sorry to state the obvious.)

mexican-mac-and-cheese-01Mexican Mac and CheeseThis is trashed up mac and cheese at its finest, folks. I made it for the first time as a birthday surprise for Logan, and now it’s my gift to all of you. You’re very welcome.

vegan-dark-chocolate-chipotle-popcorn-5Dark Chocolate Chipotle Popcorn. Fancy popcorn! Sweet and savory with a subtle smoky kick, this stuff is scarily addictive snack food for your Sunday shenanigans. It’s also vegan, so there’s that.

Grapefruit-Margaritas-with-Chipotle-Chile-Salt-and-Lime-6Grapefruit Margaritas with Chipotle Chili Salt and LimeYou will obviously need lots of booze to wash down your feast and/or make watching the game bearable, and these seasonal margs are just the ticket. Moscow Mules and Grapefruit Bourbon Spritzes are also excellent options. (You might want to go ahead and make all three cocktails just to be safe.)

Have a glorious Super Bowl Sunday, friends! Roll Tide!

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