Domestic Details: 10 Essential Kitchen Tools

November 1, 2013 | |

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10-Essential-Kitchen-ToolsOutfitting your kitchen can be a daunting task. If you’ve ever been in a Williams-Sonoma or spent a nice little Saturday at Bed, Bath & Beyond, you’ve undoubtedly been exposed to an endless array of awesome/terrifying kitchen tools stacked to high heaven. While such a sight makes me happier than the Dude at an all-you-can-eat buffet, I recognize that most of you may find it slightly overwhelming. That’s where I come in.

There are literally millions of fancy gadgets and accessories that you could buy, but I’m guessing most of you won’t be using a special pomegranate tool, a grease separator, or a stainless steel ravioli former on the reg. So, in the interest of keeping your kitchen as functional and fuss-free as possible, I have compiled a handy list of the ten tools that you actually need. You’re welcome.

Domesticate ME!’s 10 Essential Kitchen Tools:

1. Knives- These 3 should cut it.

2. Cutting Board- Always cut things on a cutting board, NEVER straight on the counter. Not only will you mark up your counters, but it is also gross. I recommend getting two boards, one for meat/poultry and another for everything else, but you can get by with just the one. Oh, and if you happen to purchase a good-looking one (i.e. wood), it can double as a cheese board or a rustic serving platter. Boom.

3. Peeler- You obviously need a peeler to peel fruits and vegetables, but it’s also handy when it comes to a number of other domestic tasks. Use it to shave vegetables, thinly slice cheese, zest citrus for cocktails, or create decorative chocolate curlicues. Fancy!

4. Can-Opener- Your cans aren’t going to open themselves, people.

5. Rubber Spatula- This bad boy gets the most play in my kitchen. Hands down. You’ll use it for everything from sautéing vegetables to baking and icing a cake. For the record, any time a recipe asks you to “fold in” something (i.e. wet ingredients into dry ingredients in a batter), you should always be using a rubber spatula.

6. Whisk- There’s no getting around it, friends, you must own a whisk. Only a whisk will get you fluffy scrambled eggs and omelettes, clump-free sauces, and a decent salad dressing. It also doubles as a microphone for kitchen karaoke/solo performances.

7. Fine Mesh Strainer– From washing grains and draining pasta to straining sauces and cocktails and sifting flour, this is one multi-tasking tool that you can’t live without. Fact.

8. Kitchen Tongs: So much more than just a grilling tool, tongs do you all kinds of favors in the kitchen. Use them to flip meat, toss stir-fries, serve salads, and in place of a meat fork (I still don’t have one of those) when carving a roast or slicing a steak. For more awesome ways to use kitchen tongs, see here.

9. Meat Thermometer- God’s gift to the nervous meat cook. For more reasons you need one, see here.

10. Blender- A blender is perhaps the most versatile tool on this list. Use it to puree sauces, soups, dressings and vegetables, as well as to rice cauliflower, make frozen banana ice cream, and whip up delicious smoothies or frozen cocktails. A blender is actually more functional than a food-processor for the novice cook, so if you don’t already have one, please invest in one ASAP. (At least put it on your Christmas list/birthday request form/wedding registry.)

Domesticity is all in the details, friends. Bow to your sensei.

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