Steak and Egg Sliders with Herbed Avocado Spread

I’m not really a breakfast sandwich person. I obviously enjoy them (I’m a human being), but they’re not necessarily something I make for myself or order at restaurants on the reg. At home, I’m proud to be a #basic smoothie/avocado toast devotee, and when I’m out, I tend to gravitate toward creative eggs or the occasional ricotta pancake.

Truth be told, the only time I really crave a breakfast sando is when I’ve had seven one too many cocktails—in which case, I require a bacon, egg and cheese on an everything bagel from Murray’s. With ketchup. Preferably delivered to me on the couch by a sweat suit-clad roommate with a Gatorade spritz (mix equal parts of your favorite color Gatorade and club soda and serve over crushed ice) and an extra side bagel. No loud noises or sudden movements, please and thank you.

For the reason stated above, I’ve always considered the bfast sandwich a distinctly un-fancy breakfast/brunch option. Something that’s best consumed horizontally in the company of non-judgmental friends and family. But thanks to a recent culinary revelation, aka these Steak and Egg Sliders with Herbed Avocado Spread, I’ve had a sudden change of heart.

These sliders were actually the happiest of accidents, friends. I had planned to whip up a summery steak and egg salad, but prior to recipe testing, I stumbled upon this very intriguing article on poaching eggs in the oven. I was skeptical (duh), but since I had planned to top each salad with a runny poached egg anyway, it seemed like a good opportunity to test-drive a new technique. After all, I was once dubious of the idiotproof chicken breast technique, and that hack ended up changing my life. A good blog lady must always keep an open mind…

Ever cautious, I tested the simple oven poaching technique on a single egg first—add 1 tablespoon water to the well of a muffin tin, carefully pour in the egg, bake for 11 minutes at 350. My hopes weren’t exactly high, which made it that much more thrilling when it actually worked(!!!). My oven eggie had a set white while the yolk maintained #yolkporn potential, and although the shape was slightly less “organic” with a more exposed yolk than a stovetop poached egg, the overall texture was very similar. Plus, I didn’t have to worry about stressful things like water vortexes, unearthing white vinegar from the depths of my pantry, or keeping the water at a the “gentlest of simmers.” Joy of JOYS!!

I went to poach a few more eggs for my steak salads, and as I poured them into the watered wells of my muffin tin, I realized that the size and shape of the oven-poached eggs were literally made for a small bun. Maybe brioche? I could slather each one with a thicker version of the avocado-herb dressing I had been planning and pile it high with tender flank steak, peppery arugula, and juicy cherry tomatoes?

A thousand times, yes.

The resulting sliders were handheld perfection, peeps, and a very festive departure from the typical breakfast sandwich. One can never, ever go wrong with steak and eggs, and the creamy herbed avocado spread really amps up the fresh flava in each bite. (Avocado obsessives may wish to make a double batch of spread for shameless dipping.) I love these sliders as is, but if you feel the need for cheese, I think a sprinkling of goat cheese or a thin slice of fresh or smoked mozzarella would be fabulous. You do you.

This recipe happens to be ideal for entertaining, so keep it in mind for any and all upcoming brunch/lunch celebrations. The steak can be served at room temp—which means you can definitely prep it ahead of time—and the oven poaching technique allows for a dozen eggs (or more!) to cook at once. Once everything is prepped, assembly shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, and then you just pile them on your finest cutting board or platter and let the compliments rolllll on in.

Virtual chest bump.

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