15 Foolproof Recipes For Fall

September 23, 2014 |

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15-Best-Fall-RecipesHappy second day of fall, friends!

Not gonna lie, I thought today was the first official day of fall, and I had obviously planned this post to coincide with the occasion. So you can imagine how upset I was after seeing people shout “Happy Fall!!!” and throw autumnal celebrations all over the interwebs yesterday. Initially, I was like, “How embarrassing for them!” Then I realized that the chances of hundreds of individuals being mistaken, while yours truly was the sole blogger aware of the season’s actual start date, were slim to none. Dammit.

Anyhoo, I’m all kinds of fired up that it’s finally fall, and I’m feeling really good about the next few months. I’ve got a killer stew recipe in my back pocket, my sassy sweaters have come out of storage, and girlfriend is starting a new private chef gig today! In keeping with my fall tradition of recruiting professional athletes for Dude Diet ambassadorship, I shall be cooking for an NFL player this season. It’s not TR (he got traded, which is sad because I was a big fan of his personality and use of emojis in texts), but this new dude seems pretty cool. He already told me he loves buffalo chicken, which, as you know, is the most recent addition to The Dude Diet’s repertoire. I think we’ll get along just fine.

So, in honor of cooler temps, new beginnings, and comfort food cravings, I’ve compiled my favorite recipes for your fall feasting pleasure. Please work them into your rotation and report back….

15 Fall Recipe Favorites:

20-minute-easy-chicken-posole-11. 20-Minute Chicken Posole. This one-pot wonder is the perfect meal to ease into the season. It’s cozy and comforting, yet still light, and it’s ready in 20 minutes. That’s less time than it takes to pick out an artfully layered fall ensemble. Do it.

cheesy-buffalo-chicken-meatball-sliders-52. Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Meatball Sliders. Hands down the most crowd-pleasing finger food to serve at your weird football parties. Just FYI, people have been known to cry, scream, and/or pass out from the sheer joy of biting into a buffalo chicken meatball stuffed with melted mozzarella. (The latter usually happens after several beers.)

Mushroom-White-Bean-and-Brown-Rice-Casserole-With-Bacon-and-Gruyere-63. Mushroom, White Bean and Brown Rice Casserole with Bacon and Gruyere. Maybe it’s my inner grandmother, but fall makes me want to knit scarves and bake casseroles. Since I don’t actually know how to knit, I’ll settle for reintroducing this glorious brown rice casserole into the weekly recipe rotation. You should too.

dude-diet-healthy-mac-and-cheese-with-cauliflower-cheese-sauce-and-chicken-sausage-34. Dude Diet Mac and Cheese with Chicken Sausage. Before I told him that the sauce was made with cauliflower puree, Logan claimed this was the BEST mac and cheese I’ve ever made. Just think about the intensity of that compliment for a second.

chipotle-pork-and-butternut-squash-tacos-15. Chipotle Pork Tenderloin and Butternut Squash Tacos. I believe in tacos year-round, and these are a fall fiesta in your mouth.

Farro-risotto-with-prosciutto-parmesan-and-brussels-sprouts-11-26. Faro Risotto with Prosciutto, Parmesan and Brussels Sprouts. This is a “farotto,” which is fun to say and even more fun to eat. It’s also a deceptively impressive option for fall entertaining. Raise your hand if you like compliments!

harvest-pumpkin-soup-with-candied-bacon-47. Harvest Pumpkin Soup with Candied BaconWord to the wise, make extra candied bacon.

kale-salad-with-quinoa-cranberries-and-toasted-almonds-408. Kale Salad with Quinoa, Cranberries and Toasted Almonds. Kale has never been hotter, so you best got on board. I suggest eating this superfood salad as a sassy desk lunch all fall, and then (and I may be jumping the gun here) serving it as a trendy Thanksgiving side.

Black-bean-and-sweet-potato-chili-39. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili. This hearty vegan chili makes an awesome weeknight meal, but it’s also perfect for fooseball tailgates and casual entertaining. Just set out lots of badass toppings, and let peeps garnish their own bowls.

dude-diet-healthy-shepherd's-pie10. Dude Diet Shepherd’s Pie. Super flavorful ground turkey and vegetables topped with a silky smooth cauliflower purée= Dude Diet dankness. And they’re portion controlled!

Chipotle-Mashed-Sweet-Potatoes-Stuffed-with-Pomegranate-Pistachio-Guacamole11. Chipotle Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Pomegranate-Pistachio Guacamole. Holy SUPERFOODS. These taste like heaven and will help you look like a supermodel, so you should eat them on the reg this fall. (If you start now, imagine how good you’ll look by holiday party season…)

brown-rice-jambalaya-with-shrimp-chicken-sausage-and-bell-peppers12. Brown Rice Jambalaya with Shrimp, Chicken Sausage, and Bell Peppers. I feel like I whip this recipe out of the archives for pretty much every recipe roundup. I would apologize for repeating myself, but it’s my favorite, so…sorry I’m not sorry.

skillet-lasagna-with-turkey-sausage-and-vegetables-213. Skillet Lasagna with Turkey Sausage and Vegetables. Sunday nights are a lot less scary when there’s lasagna and copious amounts of red wine involved. Plus, this skillet version is lightened up with turkey sausage and a boatload of vegetables, which means you won’t have the Monday puffiness associated with most No-Calorie Sunday meals. Hallelujah.

apple-cinnamon-baked-doughnut-holes-214. Apple Cinnamon Baked Doughnut Holes. Wouldn’t it be fun to go apple picking and then bake these bad boys? You could Instagram side-by-side pics of your activities and people will be all, “(S)He is so outdoorsy and domestic!” Boom.

Spiced-pumpkin-punch-with-bourbon-115. Spiced Pumpkin Punch. You will obviously need to wash down all of the aforementioned dankness with something boozy, and this Spiced Pumpkin Punch is just the thang. I know that putting pumpkin puree in a cocktail sounds scary, but I promise it’s delightful, and I need you to trust me. (If you’re allergic to pumpkin and/or a hater, I would also suggest Spiced Cider Margaritas for your fall drinking pleasure.) Cheers!

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    Those baked potatoes look crazy good! I’ve been playing around with pomegranate guac as well!! Love it!

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