Just The Tip: Killer Quesadillas

October 10, 2016 |

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Heyo, party people! I thought we’d get a little crazy and play #JustTheTip on Monday this week. Just to mix things up, keep you on your toes, boost Monday morale, etc., etc.

I’ve been out in California for the past few days visiting my fam and shooting The Dude Diet book trailer, which has been a total blast. (QUICK! You can still catch all the ridiculous BTS action from yesterday’s shoot on Snapchat: serenagwolf.) I’m actually sitting in my dad’s kitchen in Santa Barbara as we “speak,” which is all too fitting given the subject of today’s very important quesadilla tutorial. Young Serena happily crushed a lot of chicken and cheese ‘dillas in this very spot, and I can’t help but feel a little bit hungry and a lot bit nostalgic. (It seems wrong not to be wearing brightly colored shortalls and a stretchy Gap headband right now…)

As a quesadilla enthusiast—who happens to live with a self-proclaimed quesadilla critic—I take my ‘dilla-making more seriously than most. And after years and years of experimentation, I’m pleased to report that I’ve really perfected my technique. The difference between a good quesadilla and a great quesadilla boils down to something pretty simple…a thin layer of fried cheese on the outside. Melted cheese on the inside + crispy cheese on the outside = DELICIOUS INSANITY, and once you experience the magic, you’ll never want to eat your ‘dillas any other way. Never fear, friends, I promise this killer ‘dilla upgrade couldn’t be easier to execute.

Please watch and learn…

p.s. Quesadillas are the ultimate game day finger food, and I highly recommend putting your newfound knowledge to work at your next weird football party. So many compliments in your future!!

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  1. Susan Stone on October 10, 2016 at 2:55 pm

    Definitely simple and it sounds wickedly good – I love fried cheese… Quesadillas will never be the same. Please say hello to Santa Barbara for me. I’m a 1966 graduate of UCSB and lived in town for a while after graduating. Haven’t been there in years.

    • Serena Wolf on October 11, 2016 at 12:21 pm

      Love that you went to UCSB!! It’s such a beautiful campus/town–I’m always so grateful to get back for a few days!

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