12 Sexy Summer Cocktails

August 11, 2017 |

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Greetings from VEGASSSS, baby!

Yes, friends, yours truly is bachelorette-ing in the “City of Lights” this weekend, and I am straight up giddy with excitement. GIDDY, I say! I may not be cut out for wedding planning, but I was born for a Vegas bachelorette, and I’ve been looking forward to this trip (extravaganza? palooza?) since my first visit to Vegas as a very precocious seven year-old. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love Vegas. And I’m shamelessly committing to a fabulously tacky celebration of my impending nuptials. I have a suitcase full of sequin bikinis and ensembles purchased from a sassy website called Lulus.com. (I searched “trashy bachelorette outfits,” and it was the first site that popped up. Bless you, Google.) I have the smartest, prettiest, most loveable group of bffs to drink yard-long Miami Vices with and help me in and out of my skin-tight white jumpsuit. I have tickets to Britney. My booty veil didn’t arrive from Amazon in time, but it’s cool because I’M GONNA WEAR STILETTOS TO THE POOL!!!

Anyhoo, given the boozy celebratory nature of this weekend, I thought it would be fun/fitting to share some of my favorite summer cocktails with you. Whether you’re looking for a solo sip or a party-ready punch, I promise there’s a little seasonal something for every occasion on this list.

Bottoms up, beautiful people of the Internet! Wish me luck (#PrayForSelena), and maybe pour one out for your weird blog lady…

Domesticate ME!’s Best Summer Cocktail Recipes:

Roasted Strawberry MojitoI got an email a few weeks ago asking for “pink cocktail recs for a bachelorette.” This sweet thang was my instant response.

Frozen Basil BellinisFrozen bellinis are so hot right now, people. (Frosé is, like, so 2016.) The recipe serves 6-8, so keep it in mind for brunches and impromptu celebrations with friends. And if you don’t like peaches (how??!), feel free to sub strawberries and serve a pitcher of “Frozen Basil Rossinis.”

Rose SpritzersOf all the cocktails on this list, these spritzers are the “easy drinking” option. They’re light and not too boozy, which makes them perfect for chic daytime soirées where people are looking to have a little fun without getting truly lit up.

Spicy Cherry Bourbon LemonadeIf there was ever a drink to sip on a porch, this is it, people. But if you don’t have a porch (samesies!), they also taste delightful seated on curbs, fire escapes, and couches.

Mango Caipiroska. Tart-sweet and boozy, this fruity, vodka-based twist on Brazil’s famous caipirinha is scarily delicious. You’ve been warned.

Camparty PunchThis party-ready batch cocktail was inspired by my beloved Boulevardier, which is essentially a Negroni made with bourbon instead of gin. Grilled oranges add a smoky sweetness while doubling as extremely festive pitcher flair.

Watermelon-Basil Mezcal MargaritaLet’s be real, if we had to pick a summer fruit mascot, it would definitely be watermelon. Eating it is all well and good, but drinking it is equally if not more fun. Watermelon juice is delicious (so sweet and surprisingly low in calories and sugar) and supremely hydrating (hangover helper!), which makes it the ideal cocktail mixer. I love it in this sassy seasonal marg that has smoky undertones and a refreshing herbal kick.

Rose SangriaI’ve made many a sangriaaaaaa in my day, but this recipe remains my summertime favorite. It’s light and not too sweet, and the champagne floater really ups its celebratory street cred. Just be careful when you pop the champagne…

Strawberry Mexican MuleThis sexy fuchsia cocktail is a tequila-based twist on the classic Moscow Mule dressed up with fresh strawberry puree. It’s also an awesome choice for a crowd—just prep a few pitchers of the tequila-lime-strawberry base and add the ginger beer come fiesta time.

Cucumber-Mint SparklerIf you’re in the market for a chic summer sip, this is it, folks. Made with St. Germain, mint, cucumber, and prosecco, it’s a deceptively impressive recipe to bust out at birthdays, showers, and the like.

Blueberry Mojito RoyaleThis summer showstopper is the most highly trafficked cocktail recipe on the site and for good reason. It’s strong, it’s crowd-pleasing, and as you can see, it practically screams “FANCY AF!!!” Blueberry skewer garnish optional but recommended. People really freak over it.

Sparkling Watermelon Punch BowlLast but not least, I highly recommend this golden oldie. It’s super easy, and you can and should feel confident experimenting with different clear liquors. If you’re not into the scorpion bowl vibe (no judgment), this punch is easily dressed up in your favorite cocktail glass with a lime round and a sprig of mint.

Happy summer cocktailing, friends and lovahhhhs. CHEERS!!!

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